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We’re a group of energetic marketers whose day-to-day work sees us carrying out projects in different cities and occasionally even different countries. There came a point, in the event marketing field, when it became clear that companies would have to break out of their workaday routines – and the change of scenery provided by new office space suddenly made team meetings much more effective. Running with this idea is what led to the birth of MySpotit.


To begin with, we focussed on mapping and intermediating meeting space in Estonia and, as our first international market, the Latvian capital, Rīga. However, we soon realised that new surroundings can be just as effective when working on your own as they are for group get-togethers. It’s our firm belief that office ≠ work. We’ve spoken to dozens of enthusiastic start-uppers, freelancers and CEOs of small businesses and they’ve all agreed that changing up the space you work in from time to time contributes to greater efficiency, greater creativity and greater freedom.


As such, we and our team have dedicated ourselves to solutions that enable enterprising people to break the chains of 9-to-5 slavery, taking responsibility for the quality of their work themselves and working where they feel most comfortable doing so. We help you find the ideal spot, give you the keys to an all-inclusive solution and open the doors to office spaces of premium quality that will meet the needs of freelancers and teams alike.


Hardi Kinnas | CEO, CO-FOUNDER


Mikk Puurmann | COO, CO-FOUNDER


Timo Mitt I CTO


Raivis Ozolins I MySpotit Latvia


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